September 7, 2016 @ 11:15 AM
FEATURE Increased performance on Safari (macOS and iOS) 2-4x (this makes the game very smooth on newer iPads for example). This may lead to some performance gains on other browsers as well.
FEATURE The next several updates will include lots of new wall items. In this first batch, we are including 29 posters, paintings and other items for your casinos, crews and condos!
FEATURE Daily Slots now award experience like all of the other games.
FEATURE Added game setting to disable your chat ignore list within the expanded global chat window.
UPDATE Prevent order of items in vault from changing when moving items in/out of vault.
UPDATE If you are disconnected with the game window open for a long period and reconnect, it is possible that your client will get out of sync with the server. In this instance, the game will now be automatically reloaded to fully re-sync and prevent related issues.
UPDATE Don't show the "failed" mission animation when retrying a mission.
UPDATE Added a confirmation window when voting to delete a chat message.
UPDATE The vault upgrade window now shows the upgraded vault and storage values adjusted for the number of open casinos you have.
UPDATE The exclusive auction items will now end at varying times throughout the day rather than just at midnight.
UPDATE Tweaked some of the team challenge requirements.
FIX Moving staffed bars on casino floors didn't work in some instances.
FIX A few issues related to editor saves not persisting correctly related to multiple vault, sell and item moves in one session.
FIX Calculation of garbage in properties app is now working correctly.
FIX The timer wasn't working correctly on missions from the mail lady.
FIX Re-sync 60-second timer on raffle winner display when returning from another browser tab (should fix issues where it looks like you won, but the time has already expired).
FIX Various issues causing possible disconnections for some players.
FIX It is now easier to see the Jumping Water Fountain items when in the vault.
FIX Various visual glitches with the active chat users list.
FIX More small visual tweaks related to the recent interface styling changes.
August 22, 2016 @ 10:55 AM
FEATURE One of our goals at GoldFire Studios is to enable amazing communities to grow around amazing games. Internally, we've been trying out a myriad of different ways to push further towards this goal, and what stuck is a system that enables the community to partially police itself. You can read more of the details about how the system works from the rules page, but here are the highlights:
  • The biggest changes have to do with providing non-CA's with chat moderation tools. The new system automatically determines who should have those tools based on various factors (you will receive a popup with more details if/when each of these tools becomes enabled).

  • The first is vote to delete. If you are granted this feature, you'll get a "DEL" button next to chat messages in global chat. If 3 people vote to delete a message, it gets deleted even if there's no CA present (there are safeguards in place to prevent abuse of this feature).

  • The second is something we are calling a blackchip. These are meant to be used when someone is being disruptive in chat or elsewhere and ignores multiple requests to stop. When you give a blackchip, that player is instantly muted from chat for a few minutes (the time increases if multiple people give them one). There are again safeguards in place to prevent abuse of this feature as well.

  • We've made the chat ignore feature easier to use and more functional. Click on a player's avatar in global chat or on tables to get a new "ignore" button. Or, use the new slashcodes /ignore USER and /unignore USER from within any game chat.

  • Added a new ignore list window to the game settings app inside your phone.

  • Added a shortcut key 't' to open the emotes window.

  • Added common phrases to the emotes window to easily say things like "good game" or "thanks" with one click.

  • Added labels in global chat to make it clear what the colored usernames mean.

FEATURE Missions are another aspect of the game that haven't gotten much love since early beta testing. This all changes with this update:
  • Redesigned the display of your missions list in the top right of the screen. It now shows the mission giver, the associated color, a more obvious progress bar with numerical percent and a live countdown.

  • Redesigned team missions display (including sprints) to now show the player avatars and to order the list by ranking.

  • Got rid of modal windows for mission reviews and created a new full-screen display that makes reading mission information, objectives and other information much easier on any screen size.

  • Created all-new stunning animations for new mission, mission step complete, mission complete and mission failed.

  • Created new sound effects to go along with these new animations.

  • Created a new global queuing system to prevent mission and level up messages from overlapping.

  • The "mission step complete" animation also displays the next step without needing to open the mission review again.

FEATURE Solitaire has received a laundry list of improvements to culminate in what we think is the best online solitaire game you'll find anywhere:
  • Various graphics improvements including dynamic shadows/lighting, streamlined animations and a new win animation.

  • The stacks of cards now pile up visually rather than just having an extended shadow (for example, you can now accurately see how many cards are left in the deck).

  • Improved performance in various areas, especially when moving cards to new locations.

  • You no longer need to get a card halfway over the destination for it to register. Simply touching it at all will now register the move, greatly improving the "feel" of the gameplay.

  • Various other improvements to the "feel" of gameplay.

  • New sound effects in several areas of the gameplay.

  • Added 5 new solitaire medals.

  • Updated the game stats display along the bottom to be more clear and include the number of moves.

  • Added a new "hint" button if you ever get stuck.

  • Various bug fixes.

UPDATE When on the floor tab in the editor, the casino will appear as it would outside of the editor so that you can easily preview the changes. When a tile is selected you get the alternate view to make editing easier.
UPDATE Clicking the currently opened tab on the editor will now close the editor (or open the review display if you have made changes).
UPDATE Tweaked the style of the vault chips display to better match the metrics displays and to be easier to read.
UPDATE Increased the opacity of disabled buttons to make the text easier to read.
UPDATE Added global shortcut key 'e' to open/close editor.
UPDATE Display of mission givers on mini-map now matches that of the mission review display.
FIX Ignoring now works correctly in all local/table chats.
FIX Issue where wall items would sometimes partially show in front of some floor items.
FIX Various issues caused by certain locations of jumping water fountain items on lot (overlaps, items stuck in vault, etc).
FIX Two wallpaper options from the old editor are now correctly showing again.
FIX Made some tweaks and fixes to twirling chip animations.
FIX Overlapping sounds when spinning daily slots quickly.
August 5, 2016 @ 10:03 AM
FEATURE The editor for casino/condo/crew floors and casino/crew lots is one of the last holdouts from the pre-beta version of CasinoRPG. In this update, we've completely re-thought and re-written the editor and related features from the ground up to offer a vastly improved tycoon experience:
  • Editor is now opened with the "EDITOR" button in the top right of the screen.

  • Editor now opens as a full-width panel along the bottom of the screen.

  • When editing, changes don't persist until you save. This allows experimenting with layouts and changes without committing to them and the costs.

  • In general, the editor is more lightweight and lowers CPU and memory usage.

  • When done editing, there is a new review display that breaks down the changes and lets you reset them in groups (new items, changed items, wall colors, etc).

  • The editor is now fully responsive to stretch or shrink to most any size screen.

  • New casino metrics display makes it much easier to see how your casino is performing at a glance. Clicking each section drills down into a detailed view.

  • The build menu now includes several new categories for items.

  • Search bar on build and vault menu allows searching items by name.

  • Added filtering options to all displays (sub-categories, themes, etc).

  • Items are now grouped by color, and the color can be changed until the editor session has been saved.

  • The left/right walls can now be modified separately.

  • A new color wheel has been added for walls, enabling vastly more color choices.

  • Managing employees has been simplified to hire/fire and change wages inline.

  • Items in vaults are now grouped by level and type instead of just type.

  • In addition to stats and level, vault items now show how many times they've broken.

  • Added ability to filter vault items by area, and defaults to current (casino, condo, lot).

  • Selecting an item on the floor shows the number of breaks and current level.

  • Items are now visually lifted off the floor when selected for editing, and the tiles underneath are highlighted.

  • When dragging an item, arrows point out on the sides to indicate you can drag.

  • When editing/placing items or floor tiles, the editor panel is hidden to provide maximum editing area.

  • New sound effects have been associated with editing actions.

  • The "instant" button has been merged with the "accept" button/action on new items.

  • When confirming a placement, you can check a box to take that action (instant or not) automatically for the rest of the session.

  • All floor/lot changes are now shown real-time to nearby players on save (only some were before).

  • Improved the countdown display on new/upgrading items.

  • Upgrading an item has a new display showing the relative changes and a new instant upgrade option.

  • Overhauled building menu on lots for easier upgrading, renovating, etc.

  • Limited edition items in your vault are now marked with a "LIMITED" banner.

  • New items in the build menu are marked with a "NEW" banner.

  • Items now show as broken and are highlighted as such from within the editor.

  • The display of locked items is more clear now.

  • Closing a casino is now done from the metrics display inside.

  • The metrics display now includes a live countdown to when the next simulation update happens.

  • The popularity details window now lets you view a list of recent VIP visitors.

FEATURE One of the new item categories is walls! You can now hang art, lamps, etc on your casino/crew/condo walls. We are launching this feature with 60 amazing items to decorate with, and more are in the works.
FEATURE The "permanently broken" modal now includes a "sell" and "replace" button so you don't even need to go to the editor.
FEATURE The Properties app now shows an indicator on each lot with the number of garbage and repairs in each.
FEATURE The floor edit modal from within the elevator now has a "move" tab that lets you swap floors within a casino.
FEATURE When replacing used floor tiles, you'll now receive a discount on the new tiles worth 25% of the original purchase price of the old tiles.
FEATURE Modal windows can now be dragged like windows in an operating system.
UPDATE Updated the style of modal windows, buttons and text inputs to be consistent game-wide.
UPDATE Our open-source audio engine, howler.js, has reached v2.0.0 and is now included in CasinoRPG to improved audio support.
UPDATE Error windows can now be closed with the ESC key like normal windows.
UPDATE Crews that have been inactive for at least a year are now deleted (this will take a day or so for the current list to update).
FIX An issue that would sometimes cause party bomb drops to go outside of a floor's boundaries.
FIX A few bugs with how restarting the standing cards mission works.
FIX Issue with casino address not showing inside casinos sometimes.
July 14, 2016 @ 9:31 AM
SUMMER PROMO: We have 8 new limited edition summer-themed items available for your lots! Get all of the details on how you can get your hands on them before they are never again available after July 24 by clicking on the beach ball icon at the top of the game screen.

UPDATE Party Bomb drops will no longer get stuck in areas that aren't walkable from where the bomb was set off (like behind a bar, etc).
UPDATE Made a few tweaks to the difficulty on the new standing cards mission series.
UPDATE Table item purchases are now rate limited to every 30 seconds (so you can buy one per person every 30 seconds).
FIX Text popups getting stuck on some browsers.
FIX Prevent keyboard on touch-screen devices from opening when mini-map is made full-screen.
FIX Various other errors and bugs fixed.
July 1, 2016 @ 9:14 AM
FEATURE A new mission giver is now available for level 20+ players. She gives a series of missions that earn you various items you can only earn from her. If you can complete the series fast enough, you can even get an exclusive!
UPDATE The lag experienced when walking between zones around the city should now be limited or removed completely (depending on your hardware).
UPDATE The free taxi ride to a nearby real estate office with lots for sale now shows for anyone, not just new players (shows on the lot selection screen in the office of full zones).
UPDATE Limited edition items can now be vaulted even if your vault is full.
FIX The duplicate cards issue in solitaire should now be fixed.
FIX A bug in Roulette that could, in rare instances, cause a bet to show on screen without registering on the server. If the ball landed on that bet, it wouldn't pay out since the bet didn't exist, which should now be fixed.
FIX Better normalize the scaling of party bomb item drops.
FIX Fixed some flickering issues with some party bomb drops.
FIX Mission givers that aren't unlocked will no longer show on the mini-map.
FIX Fixed issue that was sometimes duplicating Flying Piggy Bank timers in the Timers app.
FIX Prevent errors caused by spinning right as a slot loads.
FIX Many overlapping messages that are the same (such as from bars or scouting missions) will no longer queue up, causing the appearance of lag.
FIX The Ocean Slots spin button now shows correctly in Safari.
June 15, 2016 @ 10:04 AM
FEATURE Solitaire missions! There is now a solitaire mission giver located in a few different areas around the city. She offers a new series of missions as well as ongoing missions like the other casino games offer.
FEATURE The timers app now has an audio tone and a visual message when a timer has ended.
FEATURE Custom timers can now be restarted with a single button click.
UPDATE Added an intro tutorial for the expanded mini-map.
UPDATE A few more tweaks to the engine to further improve performance (mainly on lower-end computers).
UPDATE The number of participating members in battle for each crew is now set when the match is made rather than when the battle starts.
FIX Various bug fixes and tweaks to new player tutorial.
FIX Various fixes and tweaks to casino game missions.
FIX The bomb fairy's pickups no longer trigger the bot checker.
FIX If someone collects the flying piggy bank near your location while you are inside, you'll no longer see the animation.
FIX Fixed issue that could sometimes cause the mini-map marker to get stuck or out of place.
June 1, 2016 @ 10:35 AM
FEATURE Game settings have been moved from the main menu to a standalone app in your phone.
FEATURE In addition to the new settings app, you can now select from 6 different colors for your phone's wallpaper.
FEATURE Your phones are getting another new app: Timers! By default this will show you timers for the Flying Piggy bank and Party Bombs. It also lets you set up to 4 additional custom timers to keep track of anything you would like.
FEATURE A mysterious being has been spotted darting in and out of casinos. Locals are afraid to get too close, but what about you?
UPDATE Made several optimizations to animations that should help improve CPU performance (especially on low-to-mid level hardware).
FIX Fixed a bug that could cause poker players to get booted from tournaments too early.
FIX Fixed a loophole that let poker players get around the banking protection at cash games.
FIX Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause war team challenges to get stuck.
May 16, 2016 @ 10:01 AM
Solitaire Bug: We are aware of a rare bug in solitaire that can cause a card to be duplicated. We need more information before we can fix it, so if you see this happen please submit a ticket with the time it happened and what card was duplicated.

UPDATE The janitor job has received a makeover, now better resembling the slot machine you are actually cleaning.
UPDATE The difficulty of the bartender job has now been better balanced.
UPDATE Improved the feedback on the performance for entertainer job.
UPDATE Various other tweaks and fixes relating to jobs.
UPDATE Increased the chips that higher-end vaults can hold.
UPDATE NPC's can now play on video poker machines (this could take a few hours to kick in after the update).
FIX Fixed a few performance issues from the last update.
FIX The gun from the Western bonus game now hides correctly at the end.
FIX Removing games from a casino now correctly updates the list of games displayed on the map/door.
FIX Clicking on mission givers on the mini-map now works correctly outside of E0S0.
FIX Prevent bonus spins from counting as 2 spins out of your 50 for battle challenges.
FIX The counter on Party Bombs and Pigeon Pass will no longer get obscured by world objects.
FIX Fixed issue in slots that would cause volume to go up temporarily at the end of chip rewards.
FIX Coming back to Deuces Wild in the middle of a hand now correctly displays the "wild" symbol.
FIX Fixed various other errors and bugs.
Chrome 50 Issues
May 6, 2016 @ 10:58 AM
There is currently an issue with Google Chrome 50 that is affecting some computers with an AMD video card (and possibly other brands using certain drivers) on Windows. This can cause various features in the game to break, such as the phone, poker lobby, etc. This is not a bug with CasinoRPG and isn't something that we can fix in our code. We've been in contact with Google, and they have fixed the issue in the upcoming Chrome 51. In the meantime, they suggest to either use Chrome Canary or another browser such as Edge until Chrome 51 is released.
May 3, 2016 @ 9:22 AM
FEATURE Video Poker is here with 3 initial variants: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker! This is a new standalone game and comes with 17 Video Poker Machine items (1 of which is only available in daily spins and bombs). We especially want to thank FlagDUDE08 for contributing open-source code to allow for Deuces Wild and Joker Poker variants!
FEATURE Added a Video Poker sprint party mission.
FEATURE Added a Video Poker team challenge to battles and wars.
FEATURE Added 10 new medals relating to Video Poker.
UPDATE The Windows App has been updated so that the game will no longer auto-reload every time you minimize it (it now only needs to do that after being minimized for 5+ minutes).
UPDATE Both the Windows and Chrome apps have been updated with new icons.
FIX Identified and fixed several memory leaks that could have caused slowdowns after extended play.
FIX Fixed several bugs that were causing various issues with slot bonus spins and entering slot games in some cases.
FIX The slots spin counter will now go down to 0 during bonus spins before reverting to the auto spins
FIX The new slot bonus games will now correctly survive server restarts or disconnects so you won't lose your progress.
FIX Fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing battle flags from appearing.
FIX Sometimes slot challenge results would appear on screen before bonus spins on the 50th spin were complete.
FIX Prevent phone from getting stuck on screen with rapid open/close.
FIX If a casino is closed, don't show what games are inside on the door display (just show that it is closed).
FIX Fixed position of instruction text on Jungle/Base slot bonus games when using a smaller screen resolution.
FIX When in a taxi, if you move the location and then select a favorite, the map will now correctly update to the favorite location.