CasinoRPG Turns 3!
April 16, 2017 @ 12:00 AM
Today marks 3 years since the end of beta testing on CasinoRPG! The game has evolved significantly in this time, and we want to thank everyone that has been a part of that, whether you've been here since beta or are a newer addition to the community. We've gotten to know a lot of you over the years and it has been a joy for all of us at GoldFire Studios to continue building the best game possible for all of you. Your continued support allows us to continue developing great new features, and we can't wait for you to see what we've got in the works now and into the future!

April 9, 2017 @ 1:45 PM
EASTER PROMO: GoldFire City is fully decorated for the season and we have 6 exciting limited edition items as voted on by all of you! Get the details on how you can get yours before they are gone for good after April 24 by clicking on the egg icon at the top of the game screen.
EASTER EGG HUNT: It wouldn't be Easter without a massive Easter Egg Hunt! Click on the basket icon next to the promo icon to see the progress and get details on how to participate in this community-wide contest. Participants that reach their goal and the community goal will receive a limited edition Egg Hunt Trophy item!

FEATURE There is now a lobby accessible from all slot games. From the lobby you can see a listing of the different available slot games and then click one to take you straight there. When you change slot games, you'll be taken to a random casino with that slot game and automatically walk up to it.
FEATURE Another addition to the new lobby is slot tournaments! These are very similar to slot sprints, but they can handle up to 100 participants and are scheduled in advance just like the poker tournaments. You can see a listing of upcoming tournaments from the lobby display and signup/withdraw from there.
FEATURE Automatic party chat is now built into the global chat system. When joining a sprint mission or a slot tournament, you will automatically be added into a party. When you open global chat there will now be a "party" tab jut like with crews or wars. You can also chat with this party using the "/p" slashcode in quick chat. The party chat will then automatically close 90 seconds after the conclusion of the sprint or tournament.
FEATURE Citizenship now offers a new perk: hosted poker tables. If you are a citizen and you start your own poker table, you are now marked as the "host" of that table. The host then has the ability to kick another player from that table, and they won't be able to join that particular table again. If the host leaves the table then it becomes a normal table and nobody can be kicked.
UPDATE Private chat, social feed and forums now support embedding of Twitch channels/videos.
FIX Various issues that would often show people as online in the toolbar when they were actually offline.
FIX Various issues causing the toolbar counters (notifications, private chat) to get out of sync.
FIX Various cross-browser issues with the toolbar.
FIX Better handle large XP values in the main UI.
v1.3.3 (April Fools!)
April 1, 2017 @ 12:08 AM
FEATURE We are thrilled to announce, after months of intense development and 3D modeling/animation, that the much anticipated dance feature has arrived! We've got a wide variety of dance moves for you, from moonwalk to moonwalk! And, since Watts continues to tease the Mayor for his severe lack of moonwalk-ability, we thought we'd make it so easy that you literally don't have to do anything to dance...because you are now ALWAYS moonwalking! Also, we hooked everyone up with some new outfits to match. Enjoy!

March 23, 2017 @ 9:21 AM
PROMO ITEM VOTING: Easter is right around the corner, so we are again looking for you help in selecting the best limited edition item(s) to select. Click the icon to the right of your Casino Points to see the option and place your vote.

FEATURE Removal of private chat conversations and group chats is now possible through the new chat settings button in the top right of each conversation (where the button to start a group was before). To remove yourself from a conversation/group, simply click on yourself and click remove. The person that started the group can also remove anyone from the group.
UPDATE Networking updates to both CasinoRPG and GoldFire that lower bandwidth usage by as much as 40%. This should help with those on slower connections and you could also see improvements in bomb parties with many participants.
UPDATE Significant performance improvements when scrolling long views in the GoldFire toolbar (chat, forums, notifications, etc).
UPDATE If a crew withdraws from a battle, they won't be able to challenge or be challenged to battle for 7 days.
UPDATE If a crew's battle opponent withdraws, that crew can start another challenge within 24 hours without needing to vote again.
FIX Various "unknown error" and disconnect issues around the game.
FIX Items hanging from the ceiling will no longer cause environment rating issues when hanging in front of a door/elevator.
FIX Casino share URL is now working again as expected.
FIX Accepting a sprint mission while playing another casino game no longer requires a refresh to see the sprint.
FIX The "wait for big blind" option now correctly stays checked.
FIX Private chat now displays correctly without getting cut off in Edge and Windows 10 App.
FIX A few more issues with keyboard shortcuts in video poker in Edge and Windows 10 App.
FIX Various other fixes in game and in the GoldFire toolbar.
March 13, 2017 @ 7:36 AM
ST. PATRICK'S PROMO: GoldFire City is decked-out in green and we have 5 exciting limited edition items as voted on by all of you! Get the details on how you can get yours before they are gone for good after March 22 by clicking on the clover icon at the top of the game screen.
PUB CRAWL: In honor of St. Patrick's day, the city is holding a massive Pub Crawl with plenty of prizes and green drinks to go around! Click on the beer mug icon next to the promo icon to see the progress and get details on how to participate in this community-wide contest. Participants that reach their goal and the community goal will receive a limited edition Pub Crawl Trophy item!

FEATURE Added toolbar setting to mute sounds.
FEATURE Added toolbar setting to move the toolbar to the left of the screen.
FEATURE Added option to delete social feed posts.
FEATURE Added a new option to the camera to toggle the UI on/off (it is still hidden by default).
UPDATE We know that things come up from time to time, and this shouldn't cause you to lose your daily multiplier. So, the consecutive days counter now allows for one missed day in any given 30 day period without resetting the counter.
UPDATE Updated Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 apps to fully support GoldFire 2.0.
UPDATE Prevent others from messaging you if you don't have them on your friends list and you don't have the setting checked to allow anyone to message you.
UPDATE Emojis now show in private chat previews and notifications.
UPDATE Daily Slots now auto-closes after your daily free spin.
UPDATE Reversed the order of auction history to show most recent first.
FIX Cleared through a big list of bugs and improvements surrounding the GoldFire 2.0 launch (please keep submitting any issues you find).
FIX Various tweaks and fixes on mobile, especially involving poker.
FIX Tweak speed of solitaire and mission animations.
FIX Rare issue that could cause solitaire games to freeze.
FIX Correctly report solitaire winnings in profiles.
FIX Reset wall patterns before entering new floor (could cause issues in editor).
FIX Correctly positioned/scaled treasure map in slot bonus games.
FIX Placing items from vault in the top corner of floors now works as expected.
FIX Lag caused by opening the global chat window.
FIX Incorrect price check on discounted building upgrades.
FIX Video Poker keyboard shortcuts now work in Safari.
FIX Issue that would sometimes show 'undefined' tables in lobby when leaving poker tables.
FIX Restored background on Classic Slots.
FIX Various other client and server errors.
February 20, 2017 @ 8:25 AM
FEATURE The full CasinoRPG experience is now fully compatible with mobile devices through the browser, so you can now play on the go!
  • Everything has been scaled to to fit the small screen, from casino games and missions to the floor and lot editors and everywhere in-between.

  • Updated the layouts of some features/games to work better on mobile devices (where just scaling wasn't ideal).

  • Added a quick play menu that makes it easier to get into games when on small screens.

  • Tested to work on recent models of iPhones, iPads and Android phones/tablets.

  • The e-bars menu button has been removed and the Crews/Condo buttons have been turned into apps on your phone.

  • This is the culmination of months of work and required updates to nearly everything in the game. Because of this, there will be bugs and things that can be improved. We greatly appreciate any reports of these issues/ideas (no matter how big or small).
FEATURE The GoldFire platform has been largely unchanged since its first release in 2012. GoldFire 2.0 is a complete re-imagining of what it could be and has been re-built from the ground up based on everything we've learned and all of the feedback received in those 5 years.
  • Mobile Support - Every feature has been designed around mobile in mind, meaning the full toolbar and site will work just as well on small screens as it does on large.

  • New Toolbar - The toolbar has been moved from the bottom of the screen to the right side, giving us significantly more room to work with. Every feature is now accessible and fully live updating without ever leaving your game.

  • Private Chat - Private chat with your friends has been overhauled to more closely resemble a messaging app on your phone. It is much easier to read with full screen height display, includes an emoji keyboard and image/video embedding. It also now enables group chat instead of strictly one-to-one.

  • Notifications - The full notification history can now be viewed right from the toolbar, and clicking on notifications will take you to the associated view (chat, forum, profile, game, etc). There's also a new popup notification in the bottom right of the screen (can be disabled in settings).

  • Forums - The forums are now streamlined to more closely resemble a public chat thread than traditional forums. You never have to leave the game to check the forums, and even clicking links to forum posts will open them from the toolbar rather than in a new window!

  • Social Feed - This is now accessed from the forums tab and includes image/video embedding, emojis, vastly improved commenting and the ability to like posts. In addition, there are some new automated posts such as when you open a casino or win a jackpot.

  • Leaderboards - You can now easily see your current rankings for every leaderboard by opening the new leaderboards tab. Clicking on a category will give you a scrollable list along with toggles to jump to yourself, show only friends and also show monthly ranking for every category (not just overall ranking like before).

  • Profiles - Profiles are now also viewed from the toolbar and show largely the same information as before (though in a better format and faster to load). In addition, you can view each player's rankings for each game by viewing their games.

  • Info - Each game has an info button in the bottom right of the screen that gives various information and actions. You can access feedback and support, see how many and which players are online, access the news or guide pages and much more.

  • Store - The store has one of the most significant changes in that we've decided to remove the concept of GoldFire Gold. Ultimately, the Gold concept caused more confusion than the intended benefits, so we decided it made sense to simplify the whole process. We've done a 1-to-1 conversion of everyone's Gold balances to the premium currency in their most active game; however, if you wanted some other action taken, please contact us and we'll get you taken care of. Additionally, you can now manage saved credit cards and view your full purchase history.

UPDATE Lowered the odds of getting wall items in Party Bombs.
UPDATE Username of Casino Point buyer is now included in notification.
UPDATE Various tweaks to mission animations.
FIX Improved loading of image assets on slow or unreliable connections.
January 27, 2017 @ 3:22 PM
PROMO ITEM VOTING: St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching, so we are again looking for your help in selecting the best limited edition item(s) to select. Click the icon to the right of your Casino Points to see the options and place your vote.

FIX A few more fixes to building upgrades and placement.
FIX Issue with Solitaire game coming up with no cards.
FIX Various bug fixes related to different browsers.
January 17, 2017 @ 7:51 AM
UPDATE Added higher bet tiers for all casino games at levels 60 and 70.
UPDATE Added a 10 million chip image to fix visual issues with large stacks.
UPDATE You will now get a notification when chips/points have been refunded due to a bug, adjustment, etc.
UPDATE Mission complete animation is now shortened when in a casino game.
FIX Leaving another poker table shortly before joining a tournament would sometimes cause bugs in that tournament (like being removed randomly).
FIX Rare poker bug with specific scenario involving multiple all-ins where sidepot was calculated incorrectly.
FIX Completing a building upgrade would sometimes incorrectly place the building on half tiles.
FIX Completing a building upgrade and starting a new upgrade in the same edit session sometimes caused issues.
FIX Re-placing a vault item in the editor sometimes didn't enable the "accept" button.
FIX Prevent outbidding yourself in auctions.
FIX Only show Bomb Fairy collected message to the player that collected it, instead of to everyone on the floor.
FIX Various client and server errors fixed.
December 21, 2016 @ 8:23 AM
HOLIDAY PROMO: The city decked out for the holiday season and we have 6 exciting limited edition items as voted on by all of you! Get the details on how you can get yours before they are gone for good after January 4 by clicking on the snowflake icon at the top of the game screen.
UNBEARD THE SHARK 2016: The city is in need of everyone's help solving a mystery that could ruin this most joyous time of year! Click on the Santa Hat icon next to the promo icon to see the progress and get details on how to participate in this community-wide contest. Participants that reach their goal and the community goal will receive a limited edition Unbeard the Shark Trophy item!

FEATURE 42 new wall items have been released, which includes many in the sci-fi theme.
FEATURE Two new CP poker tournaments have been added to the slate: Fort Knox and Bi-Daily 25 CP Super Turbo.
UPDATE More improvements to connection speed and stability.
UPDATE Increased CP market maximum listing price timer from 1 to 3 hours.
FIX Various issues with some bomb drops unable to be picked up.
FIX Issues with timer and credit on King of Clubs mission.
FIX Some poker tournaments randomly duplicating and not starting.
FIX Various issues with the lot editor and moving items around.
FIX Rare instances where solitaire games could get stuck.
FIX Prevent downloading background music if it is muted in game settings.
FIX Various other cross-browser audio issues.
FIX Various issues when trying to purchase a Party Bomb when you already have something on your head.
FIX Text selection in global chat works once again.
FIX Text input still works after dragging the global chat window.
November 28, 2016 @ 9:56 AM
PROMO ITEM VOTING: Just like with the Halloween promotion, we are looking for your help to pick the best item(s) for the Holiday promotion! Click the icon to the right of your Casino Points to see the options and place your vote.

FEATURE There's a new batch of 19 wall items available, all from the western theme!
FEATURE There's an all-new game guide in wiki form to be easier to read/navigate and easier to keep up-to-date. It can be accessed at
FEATURE We've made two changes to how the Casino Point market works as a first step to help combat inflation:
  • Added a 2.5% final value fee on the chip proceeds for the seller (applies to listings started after November 30).

  • The maximum listing fee is now equal to the minimum price you paid in the last hour (or 100,000 if you haven't bought anything from the market in the last hour).
FEATURE New "Vault All Items" button in the vault menu that moves all items on a floor/lot to your vault with a single click.
UPDATE Improvements to the XP bar animations around leveling up.
UPDATE Increased odds of fliers on sidewalks giving you a mission to visit a casino.
UPDATE Changed background color of "Online Raffle" display to avoid confusion.
FIX Ranking order of players that have been knocked out of poker tournaments is now showing correctly.
FIX Fixed an issue with contracts that could sometimes get them stuck on your head.