CasinoRPG is all about having fun as part of a larger community. You are encouraged to interact in creative ways with other players, but we also ask that you follow common sense rules so that everyone can enjoy the game in a fun and fair manner.

1. Play Fairly
  • Macros and third-party software that can be used to gain an advantage in play are not permitted. We utilize automatic and manual detection to protect the community.
  • You are only allowed to play CasinoRPG with one account. Similarly, only one player is allowed to play on each account.
  • If you come across a bug, you must not use it to your advantage, but immediately report it either via the ticket system/feedback forum or to a Community Ambassador.
  • You may not sell or purchase items, accounts or currency for real world currency outside of the tools provided in-game. If you suspect someone of doing this, please contact the support team rather than approaching them directly.
  • You may not attempt to scam, cheat or mislead other players. This includes (but is not limited to) casino sales, Party Bomb trades, item sales or any other in-game transactions. Please report any suspicions to a Community Ambassador or contact support.
  • Any accounts connected to the same internet network are not permitted to transfer Chips, Casino Points or other in-game currency/items to gain an unfair advantage. If you share the same network with a partner, relative or friend, please let us know so that we can add a note to your account. You can do this either by contacting support or by informing a Community Ambassador (CA).
2. Chat & Communication
Please keep in mind that there are minors and players from many different cultures playing CasinoRPG. As such, it is important to be respectful to others while engaging in chat. When it comes down to it, use common sense when communicating with others in-game and everyone will have a great time. This is a game and a community that is meant to be fun for everyone. Players are responsible for any chat posted by their account. Stating that someone else accessed your account while you were away from the keyboard will not negate responsibility. Below are examples of what is unacceptable.
  • Unacceptable Content
  • Engaging in any of the following will result in chat bans or worse:

    • Vulgar language/swearing, including sexually explicit language and abbreviations that contain anything that could be considered offensive.
    • Offensive, racist, discriminatory, threatening or harassing statements.
    • Insulting, badmouthing, slandering or other hateful/trolling/illegal statements.
    • Calling out or accusing other players in chat (this should be taken directly to support)
    • Baiting and/or encouraging players to continue disruptions in global.
    • Messages solely for the purpose of angering other players or trying to cause a reaction in chat.
    • Links to websites, images, videos etc that would be considered unacceptable content.
  • Disruptions
  • Chat disruptions of any kind are strictly forbidden, and include the following:

    • Excessive empty space
    • Excessively writing in ALL CAPS
    • Sending the same or similar messages excessively
    • Sending a new message for each letter of a word or word in a sentence
    • Accusing other players in chat (this should be taken directly to support)
    • Repeatedly asking/begging for any in-game currency/items for free or at substantially reduced rates

    Additionally, because we are a global community, any controversial topic that can become contentious shall be discouraged. When players are asked to move away or change a topic, players continuing the discussion will be subject to loss of chat/game privileges.

  • Spam/Advertising
  • We welcome the spread of ideas and content, but explicitly advertising another website, product or service is strictly forbidden.

  • Personal Information
  • For your safety, please avoid sharing any personal information with others that you meet in chat. This includes real name, address, age, phone number, etc. Remember that people you meet online may not be who they say they are! Anyone posting another player’s personal information is subject to losing chat/game privileges.

  • Respect
  • In addition to respecting your fellow players, it is vital that you also respect your Community Ambassadors. CAs volunteer their time to help make CasinoRPG an enjoyable game/community. These are fellow players just like yourself, and without their dedication to CasinoRPG's community this game would not be possible.

    There should be no discussion of specific moderation activities in global chat. Please use private chat or e-mail. Additionally, CA’s are not allowed to discuss any moderation actions given to another player in any chat forum – even if with players that share the same internet address.

    Disrespecting or demanding answers from a CA in any chat forum or challenging a CA action in public chat will not be tolerated.

    If you feel a CA has not complied within the guidelines, please contact a Head CA or Support and your issue will be reviewed. However, be advised that statements such as "He started it," "I was just defending myself," "I didn't mean it like that," "We were just playing," etc are not viable defenses for getting a ban revoked. When you post or respond to a statement/accusation with a sharp, angry, or wittingly cutting remark, then you were involved in the disruption and subject to the same rules as the initiator/responder.
3. Game Rules
These are some areas not covered by chat rules, but that are still strictly prohibited:
  • Naming a casino or casino floor in a manner which is offensive to a particular player or group of people.
  • Naming a poker table in a manner which is offensive to a particular player or group of people.
  • Naming a crew in a manner which is offensive to a particular player or group of people.
  • Creating a username which is offensive to a particular player or group of people.
  • Uploading an avatar that is offensive to a particular player or group of people.
  • Deliberate gameplay disruption, which includes (but is not limited to) disrupting in-game events, crew activities, etc.
  • Deliberately following/stalking or using other in-game systems to cause other players to feel harassed.
  • Anyone playing CasinoRPG must be at least 13 years of age.
4. Chat Actions
While the Community Ambassadors are here to help keep order in chat, they can't be everywhere 100% of the time. Because of this, the community is also given two different chat moderation tools to essentially self-police on top of the amazing job the CA team does.

The system automatically awards these chat tools to players that have demonstrated to be good members of the community (the system can also take these away if that changes). There are also safeguards in place to prevent abuse of these features, with consequences that include losing the tools and possible chat and game bans.
  • Vote to Delete
  • A "DEL" button will show next to chat messages in global chat. If 3+ people vote to delete a chat message, it gets immediately deleted.

  • Blackchip
  • When a blackchip is given, the receiver is muted in chat for 5 minutes (this time doubles with each consecutive blackchip from other players, with a maximum of 80 minutes). A blackchip is only to be given if someone is being disruptive in chat or elsehwere and has ignored repeated requests to stop. It is absolutely never to be used as retaliation, and abuse of this feature will result in permanant removal and potential chat and game bans.

    A player can only give a blackchip once every 15 minutes, and can only give to the same player once in a 24-hour period. In addition, no other member of the giver's crew can give another blackchip to the same person for that same 24-hour period.

    Blackchips can be given via the "blackchip" button in global chat by clicking on their avatar. It can also be given in any chat context with slashcode /blackchip USER. There is also a "blackchip" button in the player actions menu of each player profile.