September 7, 2016 @ 11:15 AM
FEATURE Increased performance on Safari (macOS and iOS) 2-4x (this makes the game very smooth on newer iPads for example). This may lead to some performance gains on other browsers as well.
FEATURE The next several updates will include lots of new wall items. In this first batch, we are including 29 posters, paintings and other items for your casinos, crews and condos!
FEATURE Daily Slots now award experience like all of the other games.
FEATURE Added game setting to disable your chat ignore list within the expanded global chat window.
UPDATE Prevent order of items in vault from changing when moving items in/out of vault.
UPDATE If you are disconnected with the game window open for a long period and reconnect, it is possible that your client will get out of sync with the server. In this instance, the game will now be automatically reloaded to fully re-sync and prevent related issues.
UPDATE Don't show the "failed" mission animation when retrying a mission.
UPDATE Added a confirmation window when voting to delete a chat message.
UPDATE The vault upgrade window now shows the upgraded vault and storage values adjusted for the number of open casinos you have.
UPDATE The exclusive auction items will now end at varying times throughout the day rather than just at midnight.
UPDATE Tweaked some of the team challenge requirements.
FIX Moving staffed bars on casino floors didn't work in some instances.
FIX A few issues related to editor saves not persisting correctly related to multiple vault, sell and item moves in one session.
FIX Calculation of garbage in properties app is now working correctly.
FIX The timer wasn't working correctly on missions from the mail lady.
FIX Re-sync 60-second timer on raffle winner display when returning from another browser tab (should fix issues where it looks like you won, but the time has already expired).
FIX Various issues causing possible disconnections for some players.
FIX It is now easier to see the Jumping Water Fountain items when in the vault.
FIX Various visual glitches with the active chat users list.
FIX More small visual tweaks related to the recent interface styling changes.