September 29, 2016 @ 9:56 AM
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FEATURE Roulette/Blackjack: There is now a "TABLES" button that allows you to see all currently active tables and switch to whichever one you want. This makes it easy to play Blackjack or Roulette with specific players.
FEATURE Roulette/Blackjack: Added 5 new medals each.
FEATURE Roulette/Blackjack: Automatic table selection now does a better job at finding an active table.
FEATURE Roulette/Blackjack: Improved various sound effects.
FEATURE Roulette/Blackjack: Show "big win" message like in slots.
FEATURE Roulette: Each player now has a specific color which highlights their seat and their chips on the table.
FEATURE Roulette: pressing spacebar prior to placing any bets will now rebet and signal ready in one action.
FEATURE Roulette: Begin playing immediately upon joining in-progress betting round.
FEATURE Blackjack: Your current win streak now shows in the info display.
FEATURE The level up display has been overhauled to better match the style of the new mission animations.
FEATURE Opacity is now used to make it clear when a sprint is pending or started.
UPDATE Players with large numbers of casinos should see a slight reduction in the number of item breaks.
UPDATE The real estate fees have been tweaked down across the board, especially as the number of owned lots rise.
UPDATE Pause animations while dragging items in the editor.
UPDATE Vault items are now sorted by when they were placed in the vault.
UPDATE Sort party bomb pickups so that the item you see on top is what you pick up.
UPDATE Update the dealer switch messages to make more sense on different games.
UPDATE Tweak down the length of the failed mission animation.
FIX Various issues with items disappearing while editing floors.
FIX Selling items from the vault while in the lot editor.
FIX Finishing a building upgrade and starting another in the same editor session now works.
FIX Fixed a few issues that would sometimes occur after buying a casino from the market/auction.
FIX A few visual issues with receiving CP during the online raffle.
FIX Rejoining blackjack/roulette tables after server restart.
FIX Various issues caused by a roulette rebet getting cut off by the timer.
FIX Visual bug when mousing over the highlighted winning number on roulette board.
FIX Sometimes the selected chip would get stuck on roulette.
FIX Clicking multiple poker tournament tiles now behaves as expected.