October 24, 2016 @ 9:21 AM
HALLOWEEN PROMO: The city is decked out for this spooky time of year, and we have 6 incredible limited edition Halloween items to celebrate! Get the details on how you can get yours before they are gone for good after November 2 by clicking on the pumpkin icon at the top of the game screen.
TRICK-OR-TREAT 2016: What good are Halloween costumes if you can't go trick-or-treating in them? Well, that is changing this year! Click on the candy icon next to the promo icon to see the progress and get details on how to participate in this community-wide contest. Participants that reach their goal and the community goal will receive a limited edition Trick-or-Treat Trophy item!

FEATURE Crews can now pin announcements to the top of their chat window by using the "/a MESSAGE" slashcode from the crew chat tab. This will function the same as the yellow announcement bar at the top of global chat.
UPDATE The amount of time you can sit away at poker tournaments before being removed has been lowered to 15 minutes on paid tournaments and 5 minutes on freerolls.
UPDATE Prevent vault from resetting to first page when moving/selling items from it.
UPDATE Emotes in local/table chat are now also blocked when players are chat banned.
UPDATE When receiving holiday promo items, there will now be an on-screen animation/display to show what you got.
UPDATE Chip transfer limits have been raised from 9,999,999 to 99,999,999 per transfer and there is now a confirmation popup.
FIX Upgrading lot items is now working again.
FIX Fixed various issues when editing favorites.
FIX A few more tweaks to picking up party bomb drops that are stacked on top of each other.
FIX Corrected placement of mission display when on poker tables.
FIX A few issues related to foreclosure auctions.
FIX A few issues that were causing the mini-map to not always update when changing the tiles on your lot.
FIX Mission displays will no longer cause conflicts with the global chat window.
FIX Clicking disabled buttons (such as down arrow on last page of results) will no longer "click through" and close the display.
FIX Various other behind-the-scenes fixes, tweaks and updates.