November 10, 2016 @ 8:44 AM
FEATURE A new symbol has been added to all of the slot machines -- the question symbol! This mysterious symbol hides different surprises with each slot theme.
FEATURE The in-game profile windows have been updated to show all casino game stats by paging through the list (now includes solitaire, roulette, scratchers, pick 5, 50/50 and video poker).
UPDATE Improved speed and stability of data transfers to/from the game server.
FIX Several issues related to floor/lot changes being reset after saving.
FIX In rare instances, making multiple changes to floor tiles in one session could have caused portions of the floor to be reset.
FIX Vaulting an item after instantly upgrading it now works as expected.
FIX Prevent opening multiple "sell" windows when clicking on an item in the vault.
FIX Animate the chips/casino points after clicking "collect" on level-up display.
FIX Rare case that could prevent double-XP day from working in all cases (without logging out for 30+ seconds).
FIX Copying casino addresses from in-game profiles is now working again.
FIX Getting an error message at auction no longer prevents placing another bid without closing and re-opening the entire Auction House.