January 17, 2017 @ 7:51 AM
UPDATE Added higher bet tiers for all casino games at levels 60 and 70.
UPDATE Added a 10 million chip image to fix visual issues with large stacks.
UPDATE You will now get a notification when chips/points have been refunded due to a bug, adjustment, etc.
UPDATE Mission complete animation is now shortened when in a casino game.
FIX Leaving another poker table shortly before joining a tournament would sometimes cause bugs in that tournament (like being removed randomly).
FIX Rare poker bug with specific scenario involving multiple all-ins where sidepot was calculated incorrectly.
FIX Completing a building upgrade would sometimes incorrectly place the building on half tiles.
FIX Completing a building upgrade and starting a new upgrade in the same edit session sometimes caused issues.
FIX Re-placing a vault item in the editor sometimes didn't enable the "accept" button.
FIX Prevent outbidding yourself in auctions.
FIX Only show Bomb Fairy collected message to the player that collected it, instead of to everyone on the floor.
FIX Various client and server errors fixed.