March 23, 2017 @ 9:21 AM
PROMO ITEM VOTING: Easter is right around the corner, so we are again looking for you help in selecting the best limited edition item(s) to select. Click the icon to the right of your Casino Points to see the option and place your vote.

FEATURE Removal of private chat conversations and group chats is now possible through the new chat settings button in the top right of each conversation (where the button to start a group was before). To remove yourself from a conversation/group, simply click on yourself and click remove. The person that started the group can also remove anyone from the group.
UPDATE Networking updates to both CasinoRPG and GoldFire that lower bandwidth usage by as much as 40%. This should help with those on slower connections and you could also see improvements in bomb parties with many participants.
UPDATE Significant performance improvements when scrolling long views in the GoldFire toolbar (chat, forums, notifications, etc).
UPDATE If a crew withdraws from a battle, they won't be able to challenge or be challenged to battle for 7 days.
UPDATE If a crew's battle opponent withdraws, that crew can start another challenge within 24 hours without needing to vote again.
FIX Various "unknown error" and disconnect issues around the game.
FIX Items hanging from the ceiling will no longer cause environment rating issues when hanging in front of a door/elevator.
FIX Casino share URL is now working again as expected.
FIX Accepting a sprint mission while playing another casino game no longer requires a refresh to see the sprint.
FIX The "wait for big blind" option now correctly stays checked.
FIX Private chat now displays correctly without getting cut off in Edge and Windows 10 App.
FIX A few more issues with keyboard shortcuts in video poker in Edge and Windows 10 App.
FIX Various other fixes in game and in the GoldFire toolbar.