May 4, 2017 @ 9:44 AM
UPDATE Increase the length of slot tournaments by 25%.
UPDATE Just like in poker tournaments, there is now a notification at 15 and 5 minutes before a slot tournament starts.
UPDATE Slot tournaments are being shifted to 45-minutes past the hour to better avoid conflict with poker tournaments.
UPDATE The time limits on real estate purchases have been tweaked. Now, you just have to wait 1 day after 15 lots and 1 week after 30.
UPDATE When a casino name is changed, everyone that has that casino saved in favorites will have the name updated.
UPDATE Updated the Windows 10 app to fix a few issues with purchasing Casino Points. The gifting option is also now available.
UPDATE Various small performance improvements.
UPDATE Games in the toolbar are now ordered by how frequently you play rather than just a default order.
FIX Closed a few different memory leaks with the GoldFire toolbar.
FIX Improved loading times with large slot tournaments.
FIX A few different issues with party chat.
FIX Solitaire hints are now only blocked if you are specifically in a solitaire sprint.
FIX A rare issue that would cause a game freeze while spinning slots.
FIX A rare issue relating to disconnects.