May 12, 2017 @ 9:16 AM
MOTHER'S DAY EVENT: Mother's Day is here and we have a fun new community challenge running through Wednesday, May 17! If the community goal is met and you also achieve your personal goal, then you will receive a special new Mother's Day trophy item. Click on the icon at the top of the game screen for details and progress.

FIX Prevent foreclosure auctions from putting inactive players into the monthly rankings.
FIX If you are online at the reset and pick up a free spin from a Party Bomb, this will no longer reset your daily free spin.
FIX Made several updates to the GoldFire server code that should help with periodic lag that was occurring.
FIX If someone adds you as a friend multiple times, you'll now only get a notification the first time.
FIX Citizenship subscriptions should now correctly renew before the time on it runs out (there was sometimes a gap before).
FIX Bonus spins at the end of slot tournaments would cause duplicated payouts sometimes.
FIX Zooming out the browser when outside no longer causes causes "smearing" issues.
FIX Various other errors on the client and server.