June 20, 2017 @ 8:22 AM
PROMO ITEM VOTING: Summer is here, so we are again looking for your help in selecting the best limited edition item(s) to select. Click the icon to the right of your Casino Points to see the option and place your vote.
STEAM GREENLIGHT: Thank you to everyone that helped with our Steam Greenlight campaign! We got Greenlight after around a week and are in the process of getting CasinoRPG integrated for a launch on the Steam Store. Just to be clear, this doesn't change anything about the current game, it just opens another channel for people to find the game.

FEATURE 31 new wall items have been released, which includes many in the sci-fi theme.
FEATURE A new CA alert button has been added to global chat to help alert online CA's that their attention is needed. Simply click the button and they'll get the message.
FEATURE PayPal has now been added as a purchase option for citizenship.
UPDATE If someone leaves the global chat open and are away from their keyboard for 60 seconds, their username will be grayed out to indicate they are away.
FIX Placing wall items on both sides of the top corner now works correctly.
FIX Maintain progress on game reload for missions that require entering buildings.
FIX The 't' shortcut for emotes in Blackjack is working again.
FIX Fixed another issue with large XP numbers getting cut off.
FIX Fixed another issue causing foreclosures to affect monthly rankings for inactive players.
FIX Issues related to clicking "info" button in slots when it should be disabled.