July 12, 2017 @ 1:18 PM
FEATURE An exciting new casino game is being added: Bingo! This isn't just any game of Bingo, we went all-in with an incredible pirate theme (both visuals and sounds, so be sure to turn on your speakers). It allows playing up to 4 cards at a time, includes fun and unique multiplayer power-ups, chances for earning extras through collecting keys, a unique progressive jackpot and more. The game also works on mobile just like the rest of our casino games (more on this in the coming weeks/months).
FEATURE Added 4 bingo machine items.
FEATURE Added a Bingo sprint party mission.
FEATURE Added a Bingo team challenge to battles and wars.
FEATURE Added 10 new medals relating to Bingo.
FEATURE A crew founder now has the ability to make another crew member the founder (this replaces them as founder but keeps them in the crew).
FEATURE Twitch streams embedded in the forums will now include the chat that goes with the stream.
UPDATE Lower votes needed for battle to 40% of active members (it was 50% of total before).
UPDATE If a crew fails to score in a battle, their "battle" setting will be turned off.
UPDATE A previous change allowed starting a new battle without a vote after a withdrawal, which will now work if this happens twice in a row.
UPDATE Allow battling the same crew twice in a row if it has been more than 30 days.
UPDATE Lower timer on super turbo poker tournaments to 15 seconds.
FIX Prevent showing slot tournaments in mission log.
FIX Closing a casino wouldn't always prevent slot lobby players from being sent to that casino.
FIX Potential fix for rare issue leading to player ending up at empty table in poker tournaments.
FIX Rare issue that would sometimes prevent managing employees at casino bought from foreclosure auction.
FIX High profit casinos will now display the profit/expense history graph correctly.