January 8, 2018 @ 7:53 AM
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FEATURE There is a new players list in bingo that you can toggle opened/closed like the bingo chat. It shows who is currently playing and how many bingos they have won this round.
FEATURE The stats display for an item on a casino floor/lot or in the vault now shows the stats adjusted for the upgrade level of that item.
UPDATE Slightly lowered the odds of getting condo/lot items from party bombs (in favor of casino items).
UPDATE Purchased gifts of Casino Points now show in the purchase history.
UPDATE When purchasing a gift of Casino Points for another player, that player now receives an in-game notification.
FIX The jungle question bonus would sometimes give all zeroes.
FIX The Milk and Cookies Bar item from the holiday promo can now be rotated in all 4 directions.
FIX Various scrolling issues in different inputs on the GoldFire toolbar (chat, forums, etc).
FIX Prevent clicking through the button to start a janitor shift.
FIX A few small visual glitches with the scratchers.
FIX Various other visual glitch issues around the game.