January 29, 2018 @ 7:11 AM
STEAM: CasinoRPG recently launched on Steam! The app can be downloaded here, and be sure to leave a review.

FEATURE New checkbox on VIP floor management allows you to enable access for all members of your crew without selecting them individually.
UPDATE Various improvements to the new player tutorial and early missions.
UPDATE A few small tweaks to the difficulty of the bartender job.
UPDATE The Auction House now shows the upgraded item stats like the editor does.
UPDATE Casino Point fees on real-estate purchases have been tweaked down for players with larger numbers of casinos.
FIX Various issues with slot tournaments and sprints caused by bonus spins.
FIX Issue that could prevent a slot sprint from updating correctly at the end.
FIX Issue that could sometimes cause a sprint to get stuck and prevent players from starting a new one.
FIX Issue that would sometimes show the wrong stat values on new items.
FIX Entering commas in the value for an auction bid or casino point listing no longer causes the number to be cut off.
FIX The global alert that displays when a new casino is being built now correctly shows the username.
FIX The casino share menu now works in Steam.
FIX Issue that sometimes causes you to level up twice, resulting in a sort of level-limbo until you leveled again.
FIX Global chat announcements could sometimes get stuck on screen when quickly toggling chat.
FIX A few issues with leaderboard not displaying correctly when switching between toggles.
FIX If there are multiple pages of results when searching for a username in VIP floor management, the arrows to page through the results now work.
FIX Prevent ad blocking extensions from blocking the sharing buttons for login and the camera/photos apps.
FIX Clicking to expand the mini-map right as you walk up to a taxi could cause the screen to go black.