March 14, 2018 @ 9:09 AM
ST. PATRICK'S DAY: With holidays so close to each other this year, we are running a one-day St. Patrick's Day promo on Saturday, March 17. A very limited edition St. Patrick's Day item will be available for purchase for 24 hours only (or until they run out). We'll release a batch of 100 of the item every 2 hours throughout the day so every timezone gets a chance. These are on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of 5 per person, per batch.

FEATURE Crew rankings have been overhauled with a more straight-forward (and now public in the wiki) formula to calculate the scores. There is also a new sorting option in the crew listings that allows you to view all-time rankings, last 30-day rankings, crew size and battle wins (the 30-day ranking won't have full date until 30 days after this update).
FEATURE Crew battles now have fixed-size teams to make them more fair between crews of different sizes. The team size will be set to the lower active user count between the 2 crews. The crews are then given the same 24-hour period to select which crew members will represent them in the battle.
FEATURE Wars will also now have fixed-size teams, but the individual members don't need to be selected. Instead, a lottery system will be used. The team that has more players than the team size will run a lottery each day of the war to select which players get to participate (each crew founder will always be selected).
FEATURE Individual players can now opt-out of wars (each crew's founder is required to participate).
*UDPATE* Taking a vote from your crew members is no longer needed to setup a crew battle.
UPDATE You can now withdraw from a poker/slot tournament within 30 minutes if there aren't enough signed up to start the tournament.
FIX Some trash cans weren't clickable during missions.
FIX Some items in the lot editor were unable to be edited.
FIX Rare issue could prevent a poker tournament table from starting.
FIX Potential fix for issues with poker tournament tables not merging when they should (please let us know if you see this again).
FIX Dragging while selecting an item while in the editor could prevent the correct buttons from showing.
FIX The market button was sometimes hidden behind the mini-map when visiting casinos that were up for sale/auction.
FIX Royal Flush jackpot sometimes wouldn't be correctly awarded when playing in a CP tournament.
FIX Issue that could cause the phone buttons display to be broken.
FIX Various other bug fixes and tweaks.