March 31, 2018 @ 8:58 AM
EASTER PROMO: GoldFire City is fully decorated for the season and we have 6 exciting limited edition items! Get the details on how you can get yours before they are gone for good after April 15 by clicking on the egg icon at the top of the game screen.
EASTER EGG HUNT: It wouldn't be Easter without a massive Easter Egg Hunt! Click on the basket icon next to the promo icon to see the progress and get details on how to participate in this community-wide contest. Participants that reach their goal and the community goal will receive a limited edition Egg Hunt 2018 Trophy item!

UPDATE The crew info screen has been updated to show war stats for each crew.
UPDATE Crews are no longer added to wars automatically (so no need to manage your crew finances to try and get into or avoid war). Instead, there will now be a 48-hour period after war is declared for crews to join the war.
UPDATE Crew members no longer need to opt-out of war if they don't want to participate. Once the crew has joined the war, any member that wants to participate just goes to the battle tab on their crew window and joins their crew mates in the war. Only the players that specifically join the war are eligible for the team lottery (if one is needed).
UPDATE Players that didn't opt-in to the war still get a scorecard to follow their crew's team progress.
UPDATE The lottery for war teams will now run 24 hours in advance on the first day and 12 hours in advance on the others so you know well in advance if you are participating the next day.
FIX The war lottery to select the teams only ran correctly for the first day.
FIX Some crew founders got excluded from the war when they shouldn't have been.
FIX Various issues with player selection for teams in crew battles.
FIX Issue that could cause new battle challenges to auto-cancel.
FIX In rare instances, a crew could get selected for two battles at the same time.
FIX The team score wouldn't always update right away after completing a team challenge.
FIX Short disconnects could sometimes cause a black screen in poker.
FIX The GoldFire Settings display was blank for some players with an unverified e-mail.