April 23, 2018 @ 6:49 AM
UPDATE Vastly improved the searching functionality for item names in the Auction House.
FIX Timed missions would sometimes appear to reset progress before taking it back to the mission giver.
FIX Disconnecting could sometimes cause a black screen in poker or other casino games.
FIX Challenge and total scores would sometimes show incorrectly while keeping the scorecard open (visual issue, score was counted correctly).
FIX Some poker hands weren't correctly counting towards battle challenge scores.
FIX A few issues that could prevent crews from being matched for battle.
FIX Various other bug fixes around crew wars, the lottery system, opting in to war, etc.
FIX Voting for the top two crews in the war should now work again.
FIX Phone apps could sometimes get stuck on the screen after trying to close them.
FIX Casino addresses would sometimes show as "null" when taking a photo.