May 7, 2018 @ 8:16 AM
FEATURE The Battle tab in your crew window now has a "participants" button during wars. This allows you to see everyone on your team, the crew they are in and if they are benched for that day or not.
FIX Various improvements to the battle/war scorecard for players that aren't participating or are benched.
FIX Various bugs relating to the scorecard for battles/wars.
FIX Various bugs relating to poker tables when a disconnect happens.
FIX Vault page doesn't get reset with the vault chips update every 10 minutes.
FIX Rare issue that could cause items moved to and from the vault to appear to have vanished after leaving and returning.
FIX Side pots in poker could cause a battle challenge to be counted incorrectly.
FIX Rotating a lamp in your condo and then reloading could cause the game to get stuck on the loading screen.
FIX Various audio issues on Internet Explorer.