May 25, 2018 @ 12:19 PM
FEATURE Added a participants button to the overall crew war scoreboard that lets you see not just the participants on your own team, but lets anyone see the full list for both sides.
UPDATE Crew war voting now shows the number of opted-in members on each crew rather than the active player count.
UPDATE Players in crew wars should no longer get benched two days in a row.
FIX Various issues with mission markers showing on the wrong buildings sometimes.
FIX Refreshing in the middle of a Mail Lady mission correctly shows the mission markers on buildings again.
FIX Various issues with filtering in vaults, especially relating to limited edition items.
FIX Searching for items in auction wasn't returning lot items.
FIX Some notifications didn't work on the first day of the crew war.
FIX If your crew isn't in the war, the war display will no longer show on your battle tab once teams are set.
FIX Various other fixes found during the last crew war.
FIX Payouts weren't working correctly for a Royal Flush in Video Poker when betting below 100 chips.
FIX Some referral URLs for casinos were getting stuck on the loading screen.
FIX Various issues with the popup showing that there are new updates.