September 7, 2018 @ 1:53 PM
FEATURE Added 50 new wall sign items for casinos.
UPDATE Lots of updates and streamlining to the new player tutorials.
UPDATE Made the solitaire hint system more intelligent.
UPDATE The phone and global chat buttons are now toggles (just a visual change).
UPDATE The crew war participants list now colors the username to match the team color.
FIX Moving a Crew Hall was broken in certain scenarios.
FIX Various fixes to the mission system to resolve a number of different issues.
FIX Scratchers weren't showing the awarded double XP on double XP day (it was awarding it correctly, just a visual issue).
FIX In rare instances, some Party Bomb items wouldn't award the correct XP values to the one who dropped it.
FIX Chat announcements that end with an emoji would sometimes break the delete button.
FIX The editor button would sometimes vanish when going between floors.
FIX Closed loophole that in certain cases allowed for crew war challenge scoring by bench players.
FIX Prevent ineligible players from being selected in crew battles.
FIX Prevent pigeon timer text from getting stuck on screen when a player goes in a building.
FIX Citizenship subscriptions using PayPal would sometimes not automatically renew correctly.
FIX Memory leak in private messages sometimes caused a browser crash.
FIX Lots of bug fixes to the toolbar, especially surrounding private chat.
FIX Various other error/bug fixes throughout the game.