November 30, 2018 @ 2:58 PM
NATIONAL COOKIE DAY: A delicious holiday is coming up on Tuesday, December 4. For 24 hours only, a very limited edition item will be available for purchase (or until they sell out). We'll release a batch of 75 of the item every 2 hours throughout the day so every timezone gets a chance. These are on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of 5 per person, per batch.

UPDATE Moved the game and the goldfire.me site to new servers to provide better and more predictable speed/uptime as well as the ability to scale to more players.
UPDATE You can now hire a contractor for your casino while carrying party bombs.
UPDATE Holiday ATMs from Easter and St. Patrick's now have their own unique Party Bomb designs like with Halloween.
FIX It was possible in certain instances to visually have a bingo and not be able to claim it.
FIX Prevent rare issue that could cause a crew to be pulled into a battle after canceling a challenge.
FIX Party chat could sometimes get stuck after a slot tournament (let us know if this continues to happen for you).
FIX Bonus spins during battles/wars didn't always add up the score correctly.
FIX Bonus spins at the end of a slot sprint could cause the incorrect winner to be displayed (the correct winner was awarded correctly).
FIX A rounding issue could cause the client to show a slightly different re-sale value in the editor than the real re-sale value.
FIX Prevent clicking through map and setting off a party bomb.
FIX Some crews were able to start a battle without 3 members "available to battle."
FIX Lot prices wouldn't always show correctly on the mobile apps.
FIX Panning around a casino floor on mobile would sometimes trigger a casino game or other unintended action.
FIX Various fixes and improvements to new player tutorial.