January 5, 2019 @ 2:58 PM
UPDATE We've reached a point where there are so many casinos in the game world that the simulation server was crashing, causing various issues. We've overhauled how the simulation is run so that it can now scale to a nearly limitless number of casinos (we won't bore you with the technical aspects of how we managed this).
UPDATE Submitted updates to both the iOS and Android apps that make several improvements and fixes (should be available in the next few days). The updates only support iOS 11+ and Android 5+ in order to provide a better app experience.
UPDATE Overhauled the real estate fee structure to lower the fees in general and also make the difference based on location not as significant as it was before.
UPDATE The item gifting limit per user has been changed to a daily limit rather than every 24 hours.
FIX It was sometimes possible to end up with two buildings on the same lot.
FIX The GoldFire toolbar on the mobile apps would sometimes get stuck in the middle of the screen.
FIX Various keyboard issues on the mobile apps.
FIX The auction house didn't adjust correctly to smaller screens.
FIX Panning around a casino floor on a touch screen no longer accidentally triggers a casino game or other action.
FIX A rare instance that could allow a crew with less than 3 members available to battle.
FIX Various visual glitches and improvements.