January 23, 2019 @ 11:39 AM
FEATURE A new "lock party bombs" setting has been added to the game settings that prevents you from accidentally setting off party bombs with a mis-click.
FEATURE Two new items have been added to Party Bombs and Daily Slots: B&W Slots and Purple Beam Light.
FEATURE Previously, touch-screen users were unable to use local chat due to lack of keyboard. Now, you can click on yourself to reveal a chat button that will open the local chat input.
UPDATE The time limits on buying lots/casinos have been overhauled to be applied evenly across all players. Instead of a time limit between each purchase, you are now limited to increasing your total number of lots/casinos by 5 each month. For example, if you were to sell 2 casinos, you could buy 7 others (net increase would then be 5 casinos for the month).
UPDATE Limits on favorites have been increased from 50 to 100 and 100 to 250 for citizens.
UPDATE There is now a 3rd time for the Turbo Trophy Fridays poker tournament that is at 12PM game time (first one will be scheduled after the next round of Friday tournaments).
UPDATE The crew bank history now shows the time of last deposit overall and for the last week.
FIX Floors that had thousands of items on them from party bombs would often cause significant performance degradation due to the limits of browser rendering. We've updated floors to now only render up to 3 items on a single floor tile at a time, which should significantly improve performance issues in those scenarios. The items are still there, they just won't become visible until others on that tile have been collected.
FIX In rare instances, a casino could see its cheating costs shoot up significantly for a short period of time, which should now be resolved.
FIX The winner of a slot sprint would sometimes not be shown, which would also prevent the re-invite option from showing.
FIX Some crew's member lists couldn't be scrolled all the way through.
FIX The notch on iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XR running iOS 12 no longer covers up a portion of the game/toolbar.
FIX Switching games with the "games" menu while in another game would cause you to get stuck in the first.
FIX Depth sorting of some long items in the floor editor should now be fixed.