February 13, 2019 @ 11:08 AM
VALENTINE'S DAY PROMO: The loving holiday of Valentine's Day is coming up on Thursday, February 14. For 24 hours only, a very limited edition slots item will be available for purchase (or until they sell out). We'll release a batch of 100 of the item every 2 hours throughout the day so every timezone gets a chance. These are on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of 5 per person, per batch.

FEATURE We've been collecting all of your feedback on the crew wars and have created a new war experience that is a lot more fun and a lot more fair! The new system does away with teams (which means nobody has to be on the bench) in favor of an "all out war" system. The points/chips buy-in is now awarded at the end to the top 10% of individual players, similar to how payouts in a poker tournament work (it gets split between the players and their crew). Team challenges are now within your crew since there are no longer teams. Be sure to check the guide or open the "war info" button for all of the details.
FEATURE There are two new trophy items available as part of crew wars. The first you win by placing in the top 10% and the other you win by completing your scorecard each day of the war (personal challenges and bonus challenges).
FEATURE There is now a "war raffle" that awards free casino points to random online war participants all throughout the duration of the war.
FEATURE Due to the war changes, we had to also make some changes to the crew rankings. The previous update was meant to simplify the rankings, but we didn't take it far enough. The rankings are now based on a simple accumulating score total (which means it can never drop). The values that make up this score are listed in the game guide so you can calculate exactly what you need to move up.
FEATURE The monthly crew rankings have also been simplified to work like individual monthly rankings. They now reset at the start of each month and are simply a total of the score your crew has earned within each calendar month.
FEATURE The mini-map has been overhauled to use an isometric view rather than a top-down view, so it now correctly matches the view of the world. This lets you see more in the same area and also makes it easier to navigate with everything aligned.
FEATURE The real estate office's map has also been overhauled to now use the regular mini-map. This means that you can now view the entire city and buy any lot from any real estate building.
FEATURE The real estate office's map now also includes a button to jump to the closest available lot from your current map location.
UPDATE The "wars" stat in crew info has been replaced with "war winners" which shows how many members have placed in a war.
UPDATE Tweaked the battle/war scoring on solitaire, blackjack and roulette to be more in-line with the other challenges.
UPDATE Various updates and improvements to the Windows Store app (only on Windows 10).
UPDATE When a casino is sold, any floors with VIP status will have their lists reset.
UPDATE Added the keyboard shortcut "H" to get a hint while playing solitaire.
UPDATE Overhauled the new player tutorials to better introduce new players to the various aspects of the game.
FIX In rare instances, away players wouldn't get removed when they should from poker tournaments.
FIX Issue that could sometimes cause a table in a poker tournament to not start.
FIX The contract timer now starts when you first place the contractor rather than on purchase. This also fixes an issue that could cause contracts to get stuck on your head.
FIX Using the "hint" option in solitaire could sometimes cause the game to freeze.
FIX The Battle tab in crew windows would sometimes go blank randomly.
FIX Instant upgrades on items would sometimes show a cost of 0 and a time of null when going in/out of the editor.
FIX Indoor beam lights were not showing the option to replace when they were broken.
FIX Various other bug fixes and tweaks throughout the game.