March 4, 2019 @ 11:03 AM
MARDI GRAS PROMO: The city is decked out for the Mardi Gras festivities and we have 6 exciting limited edition items available! Get the details on how you can get yours before they are gone for good after March 19 by clicking on the Mardi Gras hat icon at the top of the game screen.
BEAD COLLECTING 2019: Join up with the rest of the community and collect the most Mardi Gras beads from the casinos of GoldFire City! Click the beads icon next to the promo icon to see the progress and get details on how to participate in this community-wide contest. Participants that reach their goal and the community goal will receive a new limited edition trophy item!

UPDATE Updated crew war date selection (which the server selects randomly) to not schedule a war that overlaps with double XP day.
UPDATE Added option to withdraw from crew war while it is still pending.
UPDATE Each raffle prize (poker, online, war) can now only be won by the same person once every 6 hours to give everyone a fair chance.
UPDATE If the top item on a stack of party bomb items is one that you dropped, it would previously block collecting the one that is below it that someone else dropped. It now goes down the stack and collects the first one that you are able to collect.
UPDATE Minor tweaks to scratcher odds to increase XP/CP payouts.
FIX If a player sat at a Blackjack table while the dealer's cards were being dealt, a new hand would start instantly.
FIX Another issue that could cause a poker tournament table to not start.
FIX Various visual, scoring and other issues with crew wars.
FIX Various issues with crew battles since the last update.
FIX Possible fix for an issue that would randomly cause a phone app to get stuck on the screen.
FIX Various issues and performance improvements on the new mini-map.
FIX Various issues and tweaks with the new player tutorial.
FIX Various issues that could cause server crashes, frozen poker tables, duplicated bombs and other random issues.
FIX Waypoint paths could sometimes get stuck after doing a casino game mission.
FIX Reordering of favorites wasn't always working correctly, especially with large numbers of favorites.