June 4, 2019 @ 12:03 PM
GOLDFIRE DAY PROMO: GoldFire Studios is turning 11 on Sunday, June 9! To celebrate, for 24 hours only, a very limited edition item will be available for purchase (or until they sell out). We'll release a batch of 100 of the item every 2 hours throughout the day so every timezone gets a chance. These are on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of 5 per person, per batch.

FEATURE Our latest slot game, Lucky Dragon Slots, is now available! In addition to the new slot theme, it comes with an all new bonus game and can be accessed from the slot lobby or the games menu in your in-game phone (as well as visiting a casino that already has the new game).
FEATURE To go along with the new slot game, there are 131 new Chinese-themed items available for your casinos (slot machines, decorations, wall items, etc).
UPDATE Crew battles have been updated to set the bet amount and refund the difference as soon as a match is made rather than waiting for the battle to start.
UPDATE The timers app can now set timers up to 999 hours.
UPDATE The break rate on upgraded casino items has been tweaked down as an added benefit to upgrades.
UPDATE The mobile app can now be used in portrait orientation to make using chat, forums, etc easier.
UPDATE Various improvements to scrolling in global chat on mobile.
UPDATE People you've placed on your ignore list will now also be blocked from sending you gifts.
UPDATE End of war notifications will now show you your final ranking.
UPDATE There is now a background on daily slots to help with performance, especially on crowded floors.
UPDATE Mobile devices will now show 2 party bomb items per tile over 500 (instead of 3 over 1000 as on non-mobile) to help with performance issues.
FIX Some computers/devices would have issues where one of the slot reels (usually the last one) would appear stuck.
FIX The ordering of party bomb items wasn't always consistent when entering/exiting a floor with lots of items.
FIX Some bartender job levels didn't have a max speed working correctly and were much more difficult than intended.
FIX If someone else had their party bombs locked, their bombs wouldn't show at all instead of just being opaque.
FIX Chat messages in global chat with multiple addresses now work correctly.
FIX Hired contractors would sometimes promote a different casino than the one you hired them at.
FIX Improved performance of loading into slot games.
FIX Grouping of items in the vault wouldn't always work as expected.
FIX Stats would sometimes show incorrectly in the vault when owning multiple of the same item at different levels.
FIX Various issues that could cause items to overlap on the floor or wall, making it look like they had vanished.
FIX Error in slots that could cause them to freeze when entering bonus games.
FIX Throwing cards in the entertainer job would sometimes go through the board on mobile.
FIX If someone was near your crew hall or casino when you closed it, they would still be able to walk inside.
FIX NPCs will no longer enter closed floors.
FIX In poker, a straight with a low ace wouldn't highlight the winning hands correctly.
FIX If a player leaves their crew before the crew war has started, they'll be removed from the war and the crew will be refunded.
FIX External links will now correctly open in the system browser from the mobile apps.
FIX Various fixes and improvements to the new player tutorials.