June 27, 2019 @ 4:41 PM
FEATURE Clicking multiple items in your vault now updates a single confirmation window allowing you to sell specific items in bulk.
UPDATE Updated how our rendering engine handles art assets to lower memory usage, improve rendering performance, lower initial download size and lower battery usage. The new system is in place, but only around half of the assets have been converted to the new system, so this should continue to improve over the next few updates.
UPDATE Tweaked up the odds of getting 2 daily slot spins from a party bomb and some minor tweaks to that challenge's scoring in battle/war.
UPDATE Completing a solitaire hand during a battle/war challenge now provides a higher score boost than before.
UPDATE Tweaked up the battle/war scoring on the roulette challenge.
UPDATE Doubled the speed that the daily slots jackpot will increase.
FIX Various fixes and tweaks to the new Lucky Dragon Slots and its bonus game.
FIX The correct color of unlocked item is now shown in slot bonus game.
FIX Display of XP when receiving a bonus in the Lucky Dragon Slots bonus wheel is corrected.
FIX Global and crew chat scroll issues on some older browsers.
FIX Further improvements and fixes to the new player tutorial.
FIX More fixes for poker tables freezing.
FIX More fixes for poker tournaments not always merging correctly.
FIX The consecutive day streak would sometimes go up by 2 instead of 1 (the streaks that were off have been adjusted).
FIX Some missions in the Golden Joker series wouldn't complete correctly.
FIX The stats in the crew's bank tab wouldn't always update correctly when switching back to it.