August 27, 2019 @ 12:47 PM
FEATURE You can now add a hotel business to your casinos using the new "Hotels" tab in the casino editor! A casino must be 2-star or greater and you can build as many hotel floors as you have casino floors. The hotels tab offers some new metrics (keep in mind that just like in the casino, changes you make take time to fully reflect) as well as the ability to set room rates for the various types of rooms your hotel offers.
FEATURE When editing your hotel floors, you'll find a new "Amenities" item category, which boasts 129 new items spanning 3 different hotel amenity types: entertainment, restaurant and wellness. Any non-game item can be placed on a hotel floor and amenity items can only be placed on hotel floors. Many of these new amenity items can be interacted with like bars.
FEATURE Three new job types have been added: housekeeper, wellness worker and waiter.
FEATURE The hotel buildings out in the world can finally be entered! Once inside, you are greeted with a fancy hotel lobby, and speaking to the concierge allows you to visit a random hotel floor somewhere in the city.
FEATURE The elevator now has a casino/hotel toggle that lets you go to either the casino or hotel floors.
FEATURE The elevator also shows the game and amenity types available on each floor with icons under the floor names.
FEATURE The casino profit window has been updated to show the breakdown of casino and hotel revenue.
FEATURE The casinos app has been updated to show which of your casinos have hotels and shows the individual floors for each.
FEATURE NPC's have been updated to visit the hotels, use the amenities and say new phrases.
UPDATE Card shuffling in all our card games use a standard shuffling algorithm that many card games use, but we've taken it a step further by adding 7 "riffle" shuffles in addition to the standard shuffle to better simulate real-life shuffling.
UPDATE Further tweaked down item break frequency on upgraded items.
UPDATE Only players with verified accounts can send condo invites now.
FIX The final order of slot sprints and tournaments didn't always show correctly when the winner was declared.
FIX Various other fixes around slot sprints/tournaments.
FIX App windows would sometimes get stuck half faded-out and preventing you from clicking in that area of the screen.
FIX Adjust poker chat bubbles to not cover chip amount.
FIX Player lookup from the apartment building lobby now works on mobile.