September 20, 2019 @ 8:43 AM
FEATURE There are new metrics available to help with your hotel staffing. Click on your hotel's guest rating in the editor and then click the new "staffing" button to reveal the supply & demand values for each amenity.
UPDATE Increased the world population of NPCs that visit your casinos/hotels by 25%.
UPDATE The manage tab has been updated to again let you see and modify count and wage for employees without opening a new window.
UPDATE When sending a gift, you now receive a notification as a receipt of what was gifted and to confirm that it went through.
UPDATE Added hotel amenities as a filter category to the vault.
UPDATE Blinds in poker tournaments will now top out at 1500/3000 instead of 1000/2000.
UPDATE Tweaked the hints for number of managers on the morale window to be more helpful.
UPDATE The first floor of hotels now have a door to the outside world just like the first floor of casinos.
FIX Another issue with slot sprints/tournaments that could show the wrong or two winners.
FIX Correctly setup new hotel medals on Steam.
FIX A lock icon would show on top of party bomb items sometimes.
FIX Party bomb items would sometimes appear to be "ghosts" in that you could see them but not collect them.
FIX Sometimes the game icons would show incorrectly on casino floors in the elevator.
FIX All NPCs would vanish after using the elevator sometimes.
FIX The metrics tab would sometimes appear blank when opening the editor.
FIX Some hotels ended up with "vanishing" floors that really just had the wrong level number on them and were hidden.
FIX If you left a slot machine before the spin finished and got double XP, the flag wouldn't show.
FIX The elevator wouldn't always show all of the amenities that your floor had.
FIX Various issues with chat ban and other messages accidentally broadcasting to everyone online.
FIX Various issues with metrics changing too drastically from hotels being added.
FIX Various server errors that were causing disconnect issues.
FIX Lots of errors and random bug fixes related to the hotels update.