November 18, 2019 @ 12:33 PM
FEATURE An all new slot game, Enchanted Forest Slots, is now available! It can be accessed from the slot lobby or the games menu in your in-game phone (as well as visiting a casino that already has the new game).
FEATURE To go along with the new slot game, there are 66 new fantasy-themed items available for your casinos (slot machines, decorations, wall items, planets, furniture, etc).
FEATURE Added a search input to the gifting window to filter the vault items.
FEATURE Some new furry friends have found their way onto the sidewalks and parks of GoldFire City!
UPDATE Added paging to the memorial monument window to fit the list of usernames.
UPDATE Added an automated e-mail letting you know your daily consecutive streak is in danger of being lost.
FIX Various issues could occur when clicking on/off slot tournament listings.
FIX Your mouse could sometimes get stuck dragging the floor when adding/removing employees.
FIX Resizing the window while going in/out of casino games could cause a freeze/black screen.
FIX The XP bar in crew info is now displaying the progress correctly (some levels were incorrectly rounded up, but everyone's XP remains the same).
FIX Not all hotel items were able to drop from party bombs.
FIX Various other bug and error fixes.