January 15, 2020 @ 5:39 PM
UPDATE Added a sorting option to war rankings to only show your crew members.
UPDATE Added a button to wars that lets you jump to your own score.
UPDATE Block purchasing from the real estate market before level 10.
UPDATE Added more squirrels to different areas of the city.
FIX New zones that were generated weren't having NPCs generated with them, which made them appear empty inside the casinos.
FIX The VIP list for casinos wasn't being sorted correctly by time.
FIX Straight and royal flushes are now counted as flushes when a flush is required for a mission.
FIX The daily slot bonus percentage no longer overlaps over other text.
FIX Some items of different colors didn't all have the same tile sizes.
FIX Global chat would sometimes scroll to the top after submitting a message on Android.
FIX Correctly display member edit buttons in crews based on permissions.
FIX Pressing the leave button from the elevator multiple times could cause visual glitches.