February 12, 2020 @ 7:52 AM
FEATURE There is now a dedicated "trade" chat channel alongside global and crew chat. You can disable this from your quick chat in the settings. Please keep any discussion related to in-game transactions inside this chat channel.
UPDATE The Cheese Lover's Day ATM machines now have a cheese bomb style like the other holidays.
UPDATE Updated various server systems for improved performance and stability.
UPDATE Improved server performance of loading casino floors with large numbers of party bombs.
UPDATE Private chat messages now include the username along with the avatar, which should be especially helpful in group chat.
FIX Items placed on a lot could sometimes vanish or end up back in your vault when also making updates to the building.
FIX In certain instances the consecutive days streak could go up twice in one day. This should now be fixed as well as the streaks that were higher than they should have been.
FIX Foreclosure auctions in the real estate market could sometimes be duplicated.
FIX Amenity ratings could sometimes appear as "NaN."
FIX Upgrading items on a casino/hotel floor could cause environment rating to drop unexpectedly.
FIX The mouse would sometimes get stuck panning the floor when performing different actions in the editor.
FIX Getting double XP during bonus spins could cause the flag to show while the double XP had already expired.