May 20, 2020 @ 9:39 AM
TRADE CHAT NOTE: The trade chat channel was added to help facilitate trades within the game and to reduce the noise in global chat. Sales in the real estate office, CP markets and item auctions have their own dedicated spaces and shouldn't be repeatedly advertised (which would constitute spam).

UPDATE VIP status of floors is now live updated, so if you are waiting for a floor to open you can just go right in without reloading or leaving and coming back (the elevator button will live update as well).
UPDATE When visiting a lot from the Real Estate Market and returning, the page and sort order are remembered.
UPDATE Improved the quality of map search results when searching by username.
FIX Further improvements to performance when there are a large number of players on the screen at once.
FIX There was sometimes a significant delay in showing the free daily slot spin.
FIX Casino foreclosure auctions now correctly limit bids based on your current remaining casino purchase limit for the month.
FIX The chat delete voting function wouldn't always work as expected.
FIX The DJ Booth item in hotels wasn't correctly counting towards the entertainment amenity.
FIX The repair modal now auto closes if you go inside or outside with it open.
FIX The minimum pot requirement for poker missions is now handled correctly with CP tables.
FIX Live score updates during wars would sometimes update players with their crew's score instead of their individual score.
FIX Duplicated casinos would sometimes show up in the foreclosure auctions.
FIX Replies to whispers in trade chat now work correctly.
FIX It was possible for new players to get stuck in the tutorial if another player was standing in a certain location.
FIX Various other error fixes.