June 17, 2020 @ 8:42 AM
FATHER'S DAY EVENT: Father's Day is almost here, so we've started a fun community challenge running through Sunday, June 21! If the community goal is met and you also achieve your personal goal, then you will receive a special new Father's Day trophy item. Click on the icon at the top of the game screen for details and progress.
FATHER'S DAY PROMO: To cap off the above event, we'll also be running a special one-day promo on a super limited edition Father's Day item on Sunday!

FEATURE There are 16 new hotel items in the amenity category "restaurant."
UPDATE Open hotels now give a boost to your vault capacity. Each open hotel adds +25% to the base vault capacity (each open casino already adds +100% to the base capacity).
UPDATE Announcements in global chat are now shown on a single line with the ability to page through them so that they don't cover up so much of the chat.
UPDATE The colors for casino metrics now match everywhere to make it easier to identify them (casinos app, editor, real estate market).
UPDATE The cap on XP increasing per level has been raised for most missions.
UPDATE When selling all filtered items at one time from your vault, a warning will now be displayed if that contains any limited edition items.
UPDATE Wars will now alternate between starting at 8AM and 8PM game time instead of being at semi-random times.
UPDATE Anyone can now delete their own global/trade/crew chat messages.
UPDATE Announcements in crew chat can now only be removed by a crew leader or the person who posted it.
UPDATE Tweaked the spacing of video poker cards to be more in line with common video poker games.
UPDATE Various fixes and improvements to the new player tutorial.
FIX It was possible to get stuck with an infinite loading indicator in solitaire through various scenarios, but especially after winning a hand.
FIX Party Bomb pickups wouldn't continue collecting automatically after exiting a daily slot spin.
FIX If you leveled up twice at one time, the 2nd level up display would get stuck on the screen.
FIX Improved some scenarios where many bombs on a floor could get slightly out of sync across clients.
FIX Some of the jackpots on the scratchers weren't showing the list of winners correctly.
FIX The "disable ignore in global" option didn't always work correctly.
FIX When building a new crew hall, the building will now correctly be closed if the "private hall" setting is selected.