August 14, 2020 @ 8:26 AM
ROLLER COASTER DAY PROMO: Do you love roller coasters? Well, there is a holiday for that! On August 16, we'll be celebrating with an exciting new limited edition item. We'll release a batch of 125 of the item every 2 hours throughout the day so every timezone gets a chance. These are on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of 5 per person, per batch.

UPDATE The official game guide now includes a listing of all of the exclusive items (https://guide.casinorpg.com/exclusives).
UPDATE The full address for a lot/casino now shows in the Real Estate Market rather than just the zone name.
UPDATE Adjusted the size of mission progress boxes on mobile to cover up less of the screen (especially on poker tables).
UPDATE All VIP floors in casinos that go to auction now get automatically opened.
FIX Improve rendering performance on floors with thousands of party bomb items by as much as 50%.
FIX If you went into a background tab/window, the slot tournament timer could be off or you might not see the slot tournament at all.
FIX The pigeon could sometimes get stuck on your head for several hours instead of just 15 minutes.
FIX Issue that would cause some areas of the mini-map to show up as solid black.
FIX Prevent garbage notifications from popping up over and over.
FIX Event quick chat would be hidden when global quick chat was hidden.
FIX Various server issues that could cause disconnects or lag.
FIX Various client issues that could cause a number of different bugs.