September 16, 2020 @ 9:03 AM
UPDATE Significantly improved loading performance on floors that have a large number of party bomb items, which should help with getting stuck loading onto those floors.
UPDATE Significantly improved rendering performance when a large number of players are quickly moving in the same area/floor (such as for a party).
UPDATE Additional performance improvements to party bomb item rendering both indoors and outdoors.
UPDATE Increased the maximum allowed chip price per casino point in the market.
UPDATE The "Light Bar" item set now includes an option for a white Light Bar and Bar Piece.
FIX New performance improvements to party bomb floors could cause "ghost" items that weren't actually there.
FIX Some group private message chat threads were showing the wrong usernames on some messages.
FIX Alerts for garbage on floors wouldn't clear correctly all the time when using the phone tools.
FIX War team challenge data will now show correctly for crew members not participating in the war.
FIX Other players would sometimes end up invisible when leaving a building.
FIX Local chat typing indicator bubbles would sometimes get stuck on the screen when changing floors.
FIX Various errors around the game that could cause various random bugs.