January 13, 2021 @ 7:51 AM
FEATURE An all new slot game, King's Ransom, is now available! It can be accessed from the slot lobby or the games menu in your in-game phone (as well as visiting a casino that already has the new game).
FEATURE To go along with the new slot game, there are 34 new medieval-themed items available for your casinos (slot machines, decorations, wall items, furniture, dividers, etc).
FEATURE A leaderboard showing the top 250 casinos by hourly profit can be accessed from the Hourly Profit details window in the Editor of any of your casinos.
UPDATE Previously, casinos owned by inactive accounts that had run out of chips to cover losses would just be demolished and bypass the auctions. Now, they'll go straight to auction instead (so that all inactive casinos will eventually go to auction).
UPDATE Separated the "exclusive" filter in the Auction House to "exclusive" and "limited." Exclusive is for unbreakable promo items/trophies and limited is for items exclusively from Party Bombs.
UPDATE The purchase/bid popups in the Real Estate Market now show the CP fee next to the purchase/bid price so it is more obvious (the full chip/casino point fee can still be seen by hovering/clicking on the info icon to the right of the amount).
FIX Various issues with the Auction House sorting when going between tabs.
FIX The text "Pair" has been changed to "Jacks or Better" in Video Poker.
FIX Leveling up twice at once could cause a duplicated popup to get stuck.
FIX More fixes and improvements to the new player tutorial.
FIX Janitor shifts should no longer be able to send you to a hotel floor.