March 15, 2021 @ 9:02 AM
FEATURE Added 17 new hotel entertainment amenity items (new seating, magic acts, new lighting, etc).
UPDATE Overhauled the system that connects the client to the server to improve speed and stability, especially with lots of players in the same location.
UPDATE Using the driver to go to one of your casinos now works again from an upper floor (and should avoid the issues it used to have).
FIX The hotel manager would sometimes say the wrong thing based on your occupancy rate.
FIX The numbering of the casino leaderboard on mobile was off.
FIX Blackjack wasn't paying out the correct CP in some instances.
FIX Toggling Dealer Chat in poker chat would sometimes cause player chat to not be visible.
FIX The VIP status in the elevator wouldn't show correctly after adding VIP until reloading.
FIX Various client/server errors.