March 30, 2021 @ 9:06 AM
EASTER PROMO: GoldFire City is fully decorated for the season and we have 6 exciting limited edition items! Get the details on how you can get yours before they are gone for good after April 14 by clicking on the egg icon at the top of the game screen.
EASTER EGG HUNT 2021: It wouldn't be Easter without a massive Easter Egg Hunt! Click on the basket icon next to the promo icon to see the progress and get details on how to participate in this community-wide contest. Participants that reach their goal and the community goal will receive a limited edition Egg Hunt 2021 Trophy item!

UPDATE Added a real estate market "watch list" button to casinos on the mini-map.
UPDATE Added an "empty lot" filter to the real estate market.
UPDATE Added a "my watch list" filter to the real estate market.
UPDATE When declining a condo invite, that person won't be able to send you another for an hour.
UPDATE Prevent removing items from the floor/lot of a casino that is listed for sale.
UPDATE Added daily reset popup to make it more clear when the new in-game day has started.
UPDATE Added an upper limit of 10,000 party bomb items to a floor to prevent excessive lag issues caused by loading so much data at once.
UPDATE The poker battle/war challenge now has a minimum of 3 players instead of 4 to match the minimum team size.
FIX If a foreclosure lot/casino didn't sell the first time, it would incorrectly wait 6 months to be listed again instead of a few weeks.
FIX Camera pan position on casino floors is no longer reset after exiting a free daily spin from a party bomb.
FIX Various other fixes and tweaks.