May 3, 2021 @ 12:04 PM
FEATURE You can now move your character using WASD or arrow keys rather than just the mouse (the local chat shortcut has been changed to "X" from "S" to accommodate).
UPDATE The daily reset now happens at midnight game time, regardless of daylight savings.
UPDATE Improved performance of crowded party bomb floors by 30-40% (the sorting of items on some floors may have changed, but no items are missing).
UPDATE Increased per-floor party bomb item limit from 10k to 15k due to performance improvements.
UPDATE Improved syncing of party bomb items on crowded floors to better guarantee that everyone is seeing the same items.
UPDATE Increased the stats on the Casino God Trophy that is awarded at level 100.
UPDATE Condo and sprint invites are now blocked when you ignore a player.
UPDATE New crew members default to having their battle status off (so they must be aware of being eligible for battle before getting included in one).
UPDATE Various improvements to the new player tutorials.
FIX Using a taxi to travel to casinos saved in your favorites wouldn't always drop you off at quite the right location.
FIX A daily free spin could be overwritten when collecting a free spin from a party bomb at the daily reset.
FIX The "watch list" button now shows on empty lots too.
FIX It was possible for a crew battle match to happen shortly after the 24-hour window.