June 17, 2021 @ 8:59 AM
FEATURE Added 21 new hotel items in the wellness amenity category.
UPDATE All numeric inputs (auction house, casino market, casino points market, etc) now show comma separators to make it more clear what you are entering.
UPDATE New community event trophies for solitaire and roulette will now be available moving forward.
FIX Keyboard movement would sometimes randomly stop working for some keys.
FIX Various other adjustments and fixes to keyboard movement.
FIX Various fixes with party bomb items due to the prior performance improvements.
FIX Sorting wasn't consistent on each page of the foreclosure auctions, which caused some to appear to go missing.
FIX A similar sorting issue was present in the Casino Points market.
FIX Taking the taxi to some buildings would take you to the back of the building.
FIX Casino games, ATMs, etc would sometimes stop being functional after selling items from the editor.
FIX Error at end of war prevented some players from getting their trophy.
FIX Some casinos that didn't sell at auction would get stuck in the placeholder account.
FIX Daily scratcher limits now reset at midnight with everything else, regardless of daylight savings.
FIX The games menu is now hidden until after your daily spin on mobile to prevent conflicts.
FIX Various other bug fixes and tweaks.